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10 Reasons to visit East Lothian

East Lothian, located adjacent to the vibrant city of Edinburgh in Scotland, is a mesmerizing county renowned for its accessibility and exceptional beauty. This enchanting region offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience

First and foremost, East Lothian boasts exceptional accessibility, making it an ideal destination for travellers. Situated just a short distance from Edinburgh, visitors can easily reach this picturesque county by various modes of transportation, including trains, buses, and private vehicles. Its proximity to the capital city allows for convenient day trips or longer stays, making East Lothian a great choice for both locals and tourists alike.

East Lothian - Just 40 Minutes From Edinburgh

But what truly sets East Lothian apart is its breath-taking natural beauty. The county is blessed with a mesmerizing coastline that stretches for miles, adorned with golden wild beaches, rugged cliffs, and bustling harbour towns.

Here, one can explore hidden coves, take refreshing walks along the coastline, or simply bask in the glory of the stunning vistas. The sweeping panoramic views of the Firth of Forth and and the ever present Bass Rock make for a truly captivating experience.

Beyond its magnificent coastline, East Lothian offers a diverse landscape that encompasses lush rolling hills, fertile farmlands, and picturesque countryside.

The rolling golf courses—famed for being the "Golf Coast"—add to the splendour of the county, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Golf aficionados can indulge in top-notch courses, some with a rich history dating back centuries, and enjoy the exceptional beauty that surrounds them

As well as its natural wonders, East Lothian features a wealth of historical and cultural treasures. The county is dotted with stunning castles, such as Tantallon Castle and Dirleton Castle, which provide an insight into Scotland's rich heritage.

Charming costal towns like Dunbar and North Berwick effortlessly blend a traditional feel with modern amenities, boasting delightful shops, restaurants, and cafes where visitors can indulge in local cuisine, such as incredible seafood with lobster being a real speciality.

With its accessible location, outstanding natural beauty, and rich history, East Lothian offers an idyllic escape from the bustling city life. Whether wandering along the coastline, exploring ancient castles, or experiencing the thrill of coasteering, one cannot deny the allure of this remarkable county.

Despite its close location to Edinburgh, East Lothian offers a real remote and wild escape; from its miles of rugged coastline to inland forests and moorland.

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North Berwick is only 30 minutes from Edinburgh by train and has the most incredible beaches and a bustling High Street!

The top 10 reasons to visit East Lothian!

1 Stunning Beaches

East Lothian is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland. With over 40 miles of coastline, you can enjoy the golden sands and breath-taking views, whether you prefer a peaceful stroll or a fun-filled day by the sea.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful is Seacliff Beach located a few miles east of North Berwick. Seacliff Beach looks straight out to the Bass Rock and has one of the smallest working harbours in the UK!

The costal towns of North Berwick and Gullane both have beautiful sandy beaches on their doorstep, and from either you can walk for miles.

2 Charming Coastal Towns

Visit Dunbar and North Berwick, two delightful coastal towns in East Lothian. Dunbar is known for its picturesque working harbour and historical attractions like Dunbar Castle, while North Berwick offers a bustling seaside atmosphere, charming shops, and the renowned Scottish Seabird Centre

While on North Bewick High Street Bostock Bakery is a must for incredible pastries and artisan breads. And when at the harbour you can indulge in some spectacular seafood at the Rocketeer Restaurant.

Fish and chips taken to a whole new level. And if you are feeling particularly indulgent, everyone needs to try lobster and chips once!

3 Delectable Seafood

East Lothian is a seafood lover's paradise. From freshly caught lobster and crab to succulent fish and chips, you can indulge in the region's incredible local produce. Many restaurants and cafes in the coastal towns specialize in serving the freshest seafood dishes.

In North Berwick the Lobster Shack is a must visit! Its located by the harbour and has a great selection of ethically caught local seafood. Treat yourself to lobster and chips! And its licensed too, so you can enjoy a glass of chardonnay looking out over the boats and small yachts.

If you are looking for fresh ethically caught lobster straight from the sea, then head to Belhaven Lobster by the harbour in Dunbar. There really is nothing like it, and you will be supporting local fishermen.

4 Golfing Haven

East Lothian is often referred to as the "Golf Coast" due to its exceptional golfing facilities. With over 20 courses, including the world-famous Muirfield, Gullane, and North Berwick Golf Club, this area attracts golf enthusiasts from all over the world.

On the edge of Dunbar, Winterfield Golf Club hugs the spectacular coastline. Visitors are welcome, and the views to Belhaven Bay, and the Bass Rock are world class.

5 Thrilling Water Sports

If you're an adventure seeker, East Lothian offers a range of exciting water sports activities. Try your hand at paddleboarding, surfing, or coasteering with Ocean Vertical, an adventure company that provides thrilling experiences exploring the region's stunning coastal areas.

Ocean Vertical are located at Hedderwick Hill tables next to Dunbar, and provide professional guides, and all the equipment [and wetsuits] you will need for a real costal adventure experience.

6 Spectacular Lammermuir Hills

Venture inland and discover the unexplored beauty of the Lammermuir Hills. These rolling hills offer breathtaking landscapes, serene walks, and unforgettable vistas. Whether you're a keen hiker or simply enjoy being surrounded by nature, exploring the Lammermuirs is a must.

7 Historical Treasures

East Lothian is rich in history, boasting numerous castles, ancient ruins, and historical monuments. Explore Dirleton Castle, Tantallon Castle, and Hailes Castle, which provide a glimpse into the area's fascinating past.

8 Vibrant Festivals

East Lothian hosts various vibrant festivals throughout the year. Experience the excitement of the Fringe By The Sea festival in North Berwick, showcasing a diverse range of music, comedy, arts, and culture right on the coast. This runs from 4 - 13th of August.

9 Independent Local Businesses

East Lothian has become fertile ground for entrepreneurs and new start up businesses celebrating the local food, culture and landscape.

If you are looking for some great wine for your stay in East Lothian, look no further than Wine Wednesdays North Berwick. Both affordable and local they will deliver to you anywhere in East Lothian.

If you are short on time and want to experience as much as possible of the coastline, why not hire an e-bike? Ezee Riders based just outside North Berwick offer e-bike hire and tours - they even do local food tours!

If you want to spoil yourself with an epic local food hamper for the beach you need to try East Lothian Deli Box. Bursting with local ingredients, they will deliver to your doorstep, or you can collect from them in East Linton.

10 Wildlife Watching

East Lothian is teeming with diverse wildlife. Observe an array of bird species, including puffins and gannets, on boat trips to the nearby islands. Seal colonies and dolphins are also frequently spotted in the surrounding waters, making East Lothian a haven for nature lovers.

Blue Wild Nature Boat Tours will take you on an unforgettable ocean journey to the Bass Rock, and the Isle of May. The Blue Wild team are passionate about nature, and the local bird and marine wildlife, with marine conservation a big part of this special boat trip.

Visit East Lothian Today!

With its stunning beaches, charming coastal towns, mouthwatering seafood, excellent golfing opportunities, thrilling water sports, unexplored Lammermuir Hills, and wealth of history and wildlife, East Lothian offers a diverse range of experiences that will leave visitors with lasting memories.

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