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Welcome to the Experience of Winter Hillwalking and Mountaineering in Scotland!

Our Most Popular Winter Hillwalking Courses in Scotland

If you are new to winter hillwalking, or looking to gain further skills and confidence in the mountains over winter then these two courses are for you. And don't forget, as with all Ocean Vertical Adventures, we include all equipment [crampons, ice axe, helmet, winter mountaineering boots] and travel.

Our Single Day Winter Experience Courses in Scotland

Our single day winter hillwalking courses are a fantastic introduction to the Scottish mountains. Our expert guides will pick you up and drive you to the highlands. We will also provide all the equipment you need for the day, and then drive you home!

Preparation, navigation, and winter mountaineering courses in Scotland

If you are looking to focus on specific mountain skills then these courses are for you: Preparation skills, navigation skills, and the step up from winter hillwalking to more advanced winter mountaineering.

Winter Mountaineering and Hillwalking in Scotland

If you are new to winter hillwalking and mountaineering in Scotland, then welcome to one of the finest outdoor activities, in one of the world’s most beautiful countries!

There are 282 Munros in Scotland, that’s mountains over 3000 feet, and the winter season can run from late November well into April. That’s six months of adventure experiences not to be missed out on.

Knowledge, experience and understanding of winter hillwalking in Scotland is gained over years. It’s a wonderful journey to be shared with friends and family. Memories of snowy days high up in Glen Coe will stay with you for a lifetime.

Here we explore everything you need to know about Winter Hillwalking in Scotland: from kit and clothing lists, to winter hillwalking courses, where to go, weather conditions, route planning and safety.

Making the transition from hillwalking in the warmer months to winter hillwalking and mountaineering can seem a daunting task.

There's new equipment, boots, and clothing to consider, the weather is a very different animal and navigation in snow-covered terrain presents a new series of challenges.

Here we explore all you need to know about Preparing for Winter Hillwalking in Scotland.

Unveiling the Extraordinary: Winter Adventures with Ocean Vertical in Scotland

Prepare to embark on a journey that redefines winter exploration. Ocean Vertical's unique and transformative winter adventures in Scotland offer an opportunity to discover the raw beauty of the Highlands in an entirely new light. From winter hillwalking to mountaineering and acquiring essential winter skills, our experiences are designed to elevate your relationship with the Scottish wilderness

Winter Hillwalking: A Symphony of Solitude:

Venture into a realm of tranquil serenity as you navigate snow-draped trails during our winter hillwalking experiences. Guided by experts who share their deep knowledge of the terrain, you'll ascend pristine peaks and witness breathtaking vistas that only winter can unveil. Each step immerses you in a world where the stillness speaks volumes and the landscapes tell stories of nature's resilience.

Winter Mountaineering: Scaling Icy Heights:

For the adventurous souls, our winter mountaineering adventures promise exhilarating challenges and triumphant summits. From conquering icy ridges to tackling snow-covered peaks, you'll learn the art of safe and responsible winter mountaineering under the guidance of seasoned professionals. These experiences forge not just physical triumphs but enduring memories of personal growth

Mastering Winter Skills: Empowerment in Adversity:

Our winter skills courses equip you with the knowledge and techniques to navigate Scotland's winter landscapes with confidence. From avalanche awareness and navigation to winter survival strategies, our skilled instructors guide you through essential skills that empower you to tackle winter environments while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility.

Transformative Connection with Nature:

Winter in Scotland is a time of metamorphosis, both in the landscapes and within ourselves. Ocean Vertical's winter adventures offer more than an adrenaline rush; they provide an intimate connection with nature that instills humility and a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors. These experiences transform participants into stewards of the environment, fostering a commitment to preserving its pristine beauty.

Unparalleled Guidance:

Ocean Vertical's winter experiences are guided by experts who possess not only technical prowess but also an innate passion for Scotland's rugged beauty. Their mentorship ensures your safety, enriches your understanding of the environment, and ignites your own passion for responsible adventure.

Reshape Your Perspective:

Winter hillwalking, mountaineering, and mastering winter skills with Ocean Vertical redefine what it means to explore Scotland's wilderness. They challenge your limits, reshape your perspective, and immerse you in a world where nature's beauty takes center stage. These experiences aren't just adventures; they are chapters of personal transformation and a deepening connection with the heart of Scotland's winter wonderland.

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