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Ocean Vertical X Foxlake Adventures - The ultimate Summer Adventure Camp for 8-12 year olds. Click here for more info!


Mountaineering, Paddle boarding, Coasteering, Surfing, Climbing, Axe Throwing and Archery, Summer Adventure Camps - Locally and Across Scotland. And if your thinking big - Nepal Trekking Expedition!

Are you looking to experience the best outdoor activities in Scotland? From outdoor water activities in Scotland to the mountain summits in Glen Coe.

From our base in East Lothian we lead adventures large and small, locally and across Scotland.

From the best surfing in Scotland to paddle boarding lessons and the unique experience of coasteering; our professional guides have you covered.

We provide transport and equipment for all our adventures.

Experience hillwalking in Scotland, overnight wild camping, and winter mountaineering courses for beginners and beyond.

And for the adventure of a lifetime, our Nepal Trekking Expedition!

The Best Outdoor Activities in Scotland

We are passionate about ethical adventure in the wilds of Scotland; from wild camping expeditions to Assynt, to winter hillwalking and mountaineering in Glen Coe, to paddle boarding, surfing and coasteering on the rugged coastline of East Lothian.

And then every November we lead a trekking expedition to Nepal - the adventure of a lifetime!


The Best Winter Hillwalking Courses In Scotland

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The Best Water Activity Adventures in Scotland

From our base at Hedderwick Hill Stables in East Lothian we lead multiple adventures across Scotland.

Locally we run adventures paddle boarding, coasteering and surfing on the beautiful East Lothian coastline. We have incredible locations to choose from: Gullane Beach, North Berwick, Seacliff Beach, Belhaven Bay, and Dunbar.

We also have secluded freshwater inland locations if its too choppy out there on the salt.

As with all Ocean Vertical adventures we provide everything you need plus transport. That’s high-quality ethical equipment, wetsuits, highly qualified guides and instructors and comfortable transport.

And there's always cake and coffee by our log burning stove afterwards!


Embark on Ethical Adventures with Ocean Vertical: Discover Scotland's Wild Beauty Responsibly

In the heart of Scotland's majestic landscapes, Ocean Vertical invites you to experience the thrill of adventure while upholding a profound commitment to ethical practices and responsible exploration. Our ethical adventures are not just about seeking excitement; they are journeys that honor the environment, celebrate local culture, and forge a lasting connection with nature

Leave No Trace

At Ocean Vertical, we understand that every footstep matters. Our ethical adventures adhere to Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that our impact on the environment is minimal. We strive to preserve the natural beauty of Scotland's mountains, oceans, and wilderness for generations to come.

Sustainable Practices

From the materials we use to the resources we consume, every decision is made with sustainability in mind. Our goal is to minimize waste, support local businesses, and contribute to the well-being of the communities we operate in.

Environmental Stewardship

Our guides are more than just experts; they are passionate advocates for the environment. As you embark on our ethical adventures, you'll not only learn about the landscapes you traverse but also gain insights into the delicate ecosystems and the importance of preserving them.

Cultural Respect

Scotland's history and culture are woven into its landscapes. Our ethical adventures encourage participants to respect and engage with local communities, fostering an understanding of the traditions, stories, and ways of life that shape the land.

Educational Enrichment

Ethical adventures with Ocean Vertical are opportunities for learning. Through interactive experiences, guided discussions, and hands-on activities, we aim to empower adventurers with knowledge about responsible adventure practices and the importance of environmental conservation.

Empowerment and Connection

While adventure is at the heart of what we offer, our ethical approach extends beyond physical challenges. Our adventures empower participants to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, fostering a sense of responsibility and a desire to protect the places we explore.

Mindful Adventure

Adventure doesn't mean compromising our values. With Ocean Vertical, you can have exhilarating experiences without leaving a negative impact. Our ethical adventures encourage mindful exploration, ensuring that the memories you create are not tarnished by ecological harm.

A Legacy of Responsibility

By participating in ethical adventures with Ocean Vertical, you contribute to a legacy of responsible exploration. You become part of a movement that values the land, supports local communities, and champions the preservation of Scotland's natural and cultural heritage.

Join the Ethical Adventure Movement

Ocean Vertical's ethical adventures are an invitation to experience the beauty of Scotland in a way that aligns with your values. Whether it's paddle boarding, coasteering, mountaineering, or any of our other activities, you'll find that adventure and ethical responsibility can walk hand in hand.

Experience Scotland with Integrity

Our ethical adventures allow you to embark on journeys of excitement, growth, and connection while keeping your integrity intact. With Ocean Vertical, you're not just an adventurer; you're a guardian of Scotland's beauty and an advocate for ethical exploration.

Welcome to Adventure

The Best Outdoor Water Activities In Scotland

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