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The Ocean Vertical guide to your next outdoor adventure

Sharing a Passion for Adventure in Scotland

The Ocean Vertical Team has built up its adventure skills in Scotlands mountains and ocean over many years.

Our instructors and guides are passionate about Scotland, and its wild places. We are also passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for adventure.

This page is a dedicated adventure knowledge base where you can learn more about how to safley experience the unique wilderness of Scotland.

corporate team building activities and away days adventure scotland

Corporate Team Building and Away Days Scotland

Ocean Vertical’s Ethical Adventure Approach to Corporate Team Building and Away Days At Ocean Vertical, we understand that corporate team building and away days are not just about fun activities; they are opportunities to foster meaningful connections, boost team cohesion, and nurture leadership skills, all while embracing the breathtaking natural…

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winter mountaineering courses scotland and outdoor activity holidays scotland

About Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

Our approach to winter hillwalking in Scotland is based on respect, knowledge and experience.

Respect for mountainous environments

Our team have spent over 20 years guiding clients in the mountains of Scotland, both in the warmer months and winter. Our love for these wild places is matched by our respect…

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winter hillwalking courses in scotland glen coe

Preparing for Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

Our approach to preparing for winter mountaineering in Scotland starts in the Autumn before winter arrives. This gives us plenty of time to check clothing and equipment, and make any repairs or replacements.

It’s also a good time to get into the mountains before the snow arrives and brush up…

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winter hillwalking courses in scotland for families glen coe

About Winter Skills Courses in Scotland

Winter in the Scottish mountains presents a majestic yet formidable environment. The breathtaking landscapes can quickly turn treacherous due to extreme weather conditions, snow, ice, and reduced daylight hours. As a hillwalker, showing respect for winter in the Scottish mountains is not only essential for your safety but also for…

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top ten surfing spots near edinburgh scotland

About Surfing in Scotland and East Lothian

Surfing with Ocean Vertical

At Ocean Vertical, we provide experiences in nature, connecting you to Scotland. We are a team of water and mountain sport professionals, with a passion for the outdoors and a vision of passing on skills, knowledge, and expertise to enable people like yourself to live unforgettable…

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coasteering adventures water sports near edinburgh

About Coasteering in Scotland

Our approach to coasteering is based on a passion for real adventure in the natural world, and at the same time a deep respect for the environment and the wildlife and eco systems that call the natural world home.

A passion for real adventure

We lead all of our adventures…

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bass rock best outdoor adventures scotland paddle boarding lessons sup 1

About Paddle Boarding [SUP] in Scotland

Our approach to paddle boarding (SUP) lessons in Scotland is to ensure all clients leave with an extensive understanding of; paddle boarding fundamentals; an efficient technique; the ability to plan a paddle boarding adventure; and the knowledge to use new locations ethically with minimal environmental disturbance.

Our Paddle Boarding SUP…

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The Ocean Vertical Pledge: Sharing Knowledge and Igniting Passion for Scotland's Mountains and Oceans

At Ocean Vertical, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to impart our extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for adventure in Scotland's magnificent mountains and captivating oceans. Our mission transcends mere outdoor experiences; it's about fostering a profound connection between individuals and the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround them.

Through meticulously crafted adventures, we share our insights, honed skills, and deep-rooted respect for the environment. Our guides, experts in their fields, are more than instructors—they're mentors on a journey of discovery. We believe that by imparting our love for adventure, we empower individuals to explore responsibly, to nurture a sense of stewardship for the environment, and to develop a lasting connection with the heart of Scotland's wilderness

Our commitment to knowledge-sharing extends beyond the thrill of the moment. It's about teaching participants the art of mindful exploration, instilling a sense of responsibility, and fostering a genuine love for nature. Whether it's scaling mountains, paddle boarding along the rugged coastlines, or delving into winter skills, each experience we offer is designed to enrich lives and create lasting memories.

As passionate advocates for Scotland's mountains and oceans, we believe that adventure and education can go hand in hand. Through every course, expedition, and encounter, we invite you to join us on a journey that goes beyond the surface—an exploration that sparks a fire within, fosters an enduring respect for the environment, and ignites a lifelong passion for Scotland's wild beauty.

Unveiling the Extraordinary: Ocean Vertical's Fusion of Mountain, Ocean Adventure, and Ethical Practices

Prepare to embark on a truly unparalleled adventure that weaves together the very best of Scotland's mountains and oceans, all while upholding a steadfast commitment to ethical practices. Ocean Vertical introduces an extraordinary offering that blends the raw beauty of mountain exploration with the captivating allure of ocean adventures, all within a framework of responsible stewardship

A Perfect Harmony:

Our unique adventure proposition brings together the contrasting yet complementary realms of Scotland's mountains and oceans. Imagine scaling rugged peaks, breathing in the crisp mountain air, and basking in panoramic views, only to transition seamlessly into the serenity of the coastal waters—paddling through dramatic sea cliffs, exploring hidden caves, and immersing yourself in the coastal wilderness.

Adventure with Purpose:

But this is not merely about adventure; it's about embodying ethical practices every step of the way. Our commitment to sustainability, conservation, and responsible exploration is seamlessly woven into every aspect of our adventure offering. From the gear we select to the routes we traverse, we prioritise leaving no trace and minimising our impact on the environment we hold dear.

Guided by Experts:

Our experienced guides are not only skilled adventurers but also passionate advocates for the natural world. With their guidance, you'll learn not only the techniques of mountain and ocean exploration but also the intricacies of environmental stewardship. Our guides ensure that every adventure is not just a thrilling experience but also an educational journey.

Transformational Experiences:

This unique fusion of mountain and ocean adventures elevates the concept of exploration to new heights. It offers you a chance to reconnect with nature in a profound way, to challenge yourself physically and mentally, and to emerge from the experience with a renewed sense of responsibility for the environment and a deeper understanding of your own capabilities.

An Invitation Awaits:

Ocean Vertical's unparalleled offering invites you to embark on a journey that marries the grandeur of Scotland's mountains with the awe of its oceans. It beckons those who seek adventure with purpose, who crave a deeper connection with nature, and who are eager to explore Scotland's wilderness with integrity and passion. This is more than just an adventure; it's a symphony of landscapes, an odyssey of responsible exploration, and a chapter of your own unique story.

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