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Custom Adventure

Personalised adventures for you, and the special moments on your life journey

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About Us

We are passionate about the natural world and its beautiful wild places.

We have a deep respect and appreciation for the environment and a love for adventure and silent human-powered sports.

More about us

Personalised Adventures for Life

Life is about collecting great experiences with people we love and want to share our time with.

Our personalised adventures are about creating unique experiences in nature for you, your friends, family and colleagues to celebrate those moments and events that excite and are important to you.

Birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and just for the hell of it; we can make your adventure happen.

Unique Personal Adventures

Want to experience something unique in a true wilderness setting?

Think surfing, climbing, paddle boarding, mountaineering, coasteering and exploring, locally and in the remote wilderness of Scotland.

We can build personalised trips suited to your experience, timescales, location and imagination anywhere in Scotland. We will also supply expert guides, transport and all the equipment you need.

And from Our Base at Hedderwick Hill Stables by Dunbar we can also host your special day, wrapping in fantastic local food and drinks by our fire pits and log burning stove.

If you have an idea for an adventure please Contact Us.

Here’s a couple of examples of recent personalised adventures we have created for our clients:

Ross of Mull Adventure

To celebrate a special birthday with 6 friends!

Three days of adventure in the Ross of Mull; Camping, coasteering, mountaineering, exploring nature, puffins and islands.

Day One

  • Meet in Oban and ferry to Mull all in Ocean Vertical vehicle.
  • Drive to campsite in Mull, set up camp and have camp stove lunch.
  • Coasteering adventure on the Isle of  Erraid.
  • Evening meal in a local pub with fantastic food.
  • Back to the campsite for drams and chat.

Day Two

  • Big camp breakfast
  • Ben More ascent via the A”Chioch Ridge, with lunch on the mountain.
  • Local fish and chips evening meal.
  • Campsite drams and chat.

Day Three

  • Big camp breakfast and de-camp.
  • Boat to Staffa for puffins and nature experience. Lunch on board.
  • Ferry back to Oban.
  • Client drop off in Glasgow.

Ocean Vertical provided professional guide, transport, ferry crossings, tents and camp equipment, all meals and all technical equipment.

Adventure Celebration in East Lothian

To celebrate a special anniversary with 25 friends and family!

A day of adventure, incredible local food and drinks, with a BBQ, wine tasting and fire pits at our base at Hedderwick Hill Stables.

  • Informal morning arrival with different groups from different locations. Lots of tea and coffee and local Bostock Bakery pastries.
  • Informal morning of friends and family catching up in our event space and landscaped courtyard. Lots of kids and dogs too!
  • Fantastic lunch by local Barbarella Beets.
  • An afternoon of adventure with activities to suit all abilities, including paddle boarding, coasteering, axe throwing and mindfulness.
  • Time to relax before dinner by the fire pits with a wine tasting by local Wine Wednesdays North Berwick. 
  • A magnificent evening BBQ feast and drinks by Barbarella Beets and Wine Wednesday’s North Berwick.

Ocean Vertical provided exclusive venue hire, local adventures, guides and instructors, equipment and transport, and coordinated all food and drinks.

If you would like to talk about your adventure ideas we would love to Hear From You.

Crafting Your Unique Adventure: Unveiling the Extraordinary with Ocean Vertical

Imagine a bespoke adventure that unfolds at the intersection of Scotland’s majestic mountains and the captivating embrace of its ocean. Ocean Vertical, the architect of customised experiences, invites you to embark on a journey that combines the thrill of paddle boarding, coasteering, surfing, rock climbing, mountaineering, wild camping, and immersive exploration of wilderness and nature.

A Symphony of Elements: Mountains and Ocean

Your adventure with Ocean Vertical is a masterpiece that harmonizes the elements of land and sea. Picture yourself paddle boarding through tranquil waters, then transitioning seamlessly into coasteering—an exhilarating exploration of rugged coastlines, hidden caves, and roaring waves. The experience extends to surfing on the dynamic waves, where you ride the energy of the ocean against Scotland’s breathtaking backdrop

Vertical Ascents and Wild Climbs: Rock and Mountain

The adventure journey takes a vertical turn as you experience Scotland’s rock faces through rock climbing. Guided by seasoned climbers, you’ll ascend natural walls, challenging your physical and mental prowess. From rock to mountain, you’ll venture into the heart of Scotland’s iconic landscapes during mountaineering expeditions. Scaling summits, conquering ridges, and witnessing panoramic vistas—each ascent is a triumph etched in your memory.

Wilderness Exploration and Nature’s Embrace

As the sun sets, your adventure transforms into a night under the stars. Wild camping amidst Scotland’s wilderness deepens your connection with the environment. With the soothing sounds of nature as your lullaby, you’re immersed in an experience that’s both humbling and empowering

Crafting Your Adventure Narrative

The beauty of Ocean Vertical’s customized adventures lies in their tailor-made nature. Your journey is sculpted around your preferences, interests, and dreams. Are you drawn to the rugged cliffs, the serene waters, or the summit of towering peaks? Whether it’s a day of adventure or a multi-day expedition, Ocean Vertical curates an experience that aligns with your vision.

Guided by Ethical Principles and Expertise

Central to your adventure is Ocean Vertical’s commitment to ethical adventure practices and environmental stewardship. Your guides aren’t just experienced adventurers; they’re environmental advocates who teach Leave No Trace principles and foster a deeper understanding of responsible exploration

A Journey Beyond Words

Your customized adventure with Ocean Vertical is a story of contrasts, of conquering challenges and relishing serene moments. It’s about embracing the power of nature, forging connections, and collecting memories that go beyond words. Each stroke of the paddle, each exhilarating climb, each mesmerizing sunset paints a chapter of your unique adventure narrative.

Embrace the Unveiled Adventure

Ocean Vertical beckons you to take the first step into crafting an adventure that echoes your spirit. It’s an invitation to explore the mountains and the ocean, to blend adrenaline with serenity, and to create memories that embody the essence of Scotland’s wild heart. With Ocean Vertical, your adventure is more than an experience—it’s a story, a connection, and a transformative journey into the heart of nature’s grandeur.

Welcome to Adventure

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Recent custom adventures across Scotland

Customer Reviews

Visiting Scotland and finding myself with a free day and needing a quick mountain fix, Ocean Vertical arranged a 15 km Scottish winter mountaineering experience to Stob Ghabhar by the Little Aonach Eagach for me in typical Fall / winter conditions, lots of grey swirling cloud giving epic glimpses of Rannoch Moor and the Glen Coe mountains.

Highly professional with lots of advice and crucially encouragement; and they got me there and back from Edinburgh. I’d definitively use Ocean Vertical for my next fix when I visit Scotland again; inordinately recommended!

Brian | New York

Just back from a day with Stevie and Adrian. Both are masters of there trade. Making sure everyone was comfortable and understanding the terrain. I felt in very safe hands on my first winter mountaineering day out with the boys.

I would highly recommend Ocean Vertical to everyone thinking of winter mountaineering in Scotland. Both guys’ are very knowledgeable of mountains and the surrounding areas. I’ll definitely be back out with Ocean Vertical very soon!

Kev | Newcastle

Just had an amazing morning out climbing with my friend at Ocean Vertical. I didn’t know you could do real rock climbing in East Lothian.

I don’t have much experience but I felt safe and the guys really knew what they were doing. I feel a lot more confident now and it was even sunny! We will be back!

Emily and Tash | London

I went on a coasteering session in East Lothian yesterday and absolutely loved it!!

I would recommend this to anyone who has a sense of adventure… it’s definitely an experience you won’t forget and Stevie, Adrian and Gavin were super experienced and knowledgeable. What an amazing thing to do in East Lothian.
5 stars

Steph | North Berwick

Exhilarating, Stunning, Nerve-wracking, Challenging, Body rush…
What an adventure…

Spent Sunday afternoon coasteering in East Lothian with the fantastic team from Ocean Vertical round the craggy cliffs at Dunbar.

Stevie, Gav and Adrian were so knowledgeable about the area and they and made you feel very safe whilst encouraging you to push yourself. We jumped off rocks and dived through the swell increasing the difficulty as we went.

If you haven’t done it before, go for it, you will love it.
Thanks, guys for an amazing day.

Bev | Edinburgh

With Ocean Vertical we knew immediately that we were in good hands. Stevie was an excellent and encouraging coach who had us standing, turning and well balanced pretty quickly. Not a wet wetsuit in sight.

Time slowed right down as we paddled down a long lake taking in the stunning views with plenty of encouragement from Adrian. If you are interested in paddle boarding in East Lothian give it a try, you won’t find better!

Emma | Edinburgh

A fantastic and memorable experience! Three friends and I tried coasteering in North Berwick, East Lothian and absolutely loved it. The guides were great we felt really safe and surprisingly warm in the winter wetsuits.

Freya | Edinburgh

Scotland you saucy devil; climbing, coasteering, sea swimming, dolphin spotting and seals bobbing.

There really is nothing like taking a leap of faith off a big old rock into the sweet, sweet (and awfully salty) Scottish sea to blow away the cobwebs. Talk about plunging oneself into the deep end – thanks Ocean Vertical – awesome coasteering in East lothian.

Lucy | Edinburgh

Sunday Funday!! Coasteering in East Lothian today with the incredible Ocean Vertical.

Didn’t even realize an experience like this was possible and it’s right at our doorstep! Embarked on this adventure today with the amazing Lizzy – Stevie Boyle and Adrian Boot coached us through it and led the way – they are top class! Highly, highly recommend this! Check out Ocean Vertical and get yourself out there!

Sarah | Haddingon

Ocean Vertical is brought together by people who live and breathe the mountain and outdoor life to the full extent. I have spent an absolutely amazing time with Stevie and Adrian and Ocean Vertical climbing in the Scottish mountains.

The practical and technical information they pass on to people is truly their passion, and it is felt on the journey, in the mountains and their lifestyle. That you Ocean Vertical – 5 stars :]

Dianaliis | Estonia

Amazing day out winter mountaineering in Scotland in the snow with Stevie and Adrian yesterday. We learned loads of new techniques including how to use crampons and an ice axe! Feeling more confident in managing Scottish winter conditions and looking forward to getting another day out with them soon.

Ciara | Edinburgh

Had a fantastic day out learning basic mountaineering under the tutorage of Stevie and Adrian. Lots of knowledge shared on key skills for the mountain, as well as having a go with crampons and ice axe for the first time.

Felt safe at all times and throughout the day the guys did a fantastic job make sure the pace was suitable for the whole group.

Brilliant value for money, will definitely do again very soon and can’t recommend enough!

Pete | Haddington

Fantastic day out with Stevie and Adrian today climbing Stob Ghabhar. Scottish winter mountaineering at its best! These guys really know their stuff and I felt in very safe hands for my first venture up to this height in winter.

Amazing experience and I learned to use an ice axe and crampons! to be repeated! Highly recommended!

Caroline | Edinburgh

Exceptionally great outings! I have done Scottish winter mountaineering, coasteering and soon paddle boarding in East Lothian with this company.

The team are very informative about the terrain experienced and the activity we’re doing. The team are really kind and pleasant to be touring with, recommend this company 100%.

Fiona | Edinburgh

Enjoyed a great day in early January with Stevie and Adrian bagging 3 Munro’s – Ben Lawers, An Stuc and Beinn Ghlas.

Great to have the knowledge to take us on the less trodden route to the top of Ben Lawers, help negotiate the atmospheric conditions on the day and give us options for climbs. Thanks, guys! Looking forward to the next winter mountaineering in Scotland trip!

Gary | East Lothian

Had a fab time stand up paddle boarding in East Lothian with Stevie, Adrian and friends. It was brilliant feeling more confident as the time went on and I felt like it was enough time spent on the water.

Stevie is a great coach! It wasn’t exactly a warm day but I didn’t feel cold, the wetsuit coupled with the exercise did the job at keeping me comfortable.

We went on the lake because the surf wasn’t suitable for beginners today. Being on the lake surrounded by trees and wildlife was just wonderful and I’d love to try this in the sea as well.
Can’t recommend these guys enough!

Louise | Dunbar

I went out paddle boarding at the stunning Seacliff beach in East Lothian with Ocean Vertical last week, superb evening on the water, great tuition, the weather cleared up and we were joined by a grey seal and puffins!

Adrian and Stevie are both full of enthusiasm and you all need to give it a try 10/10.

Ross | Hong Kong

With Ocean Vertical we knew immediately that we were in good hands. Stevie was an excellent and encouraging coach who had us standing, turning and well balanced pretty quickly. Not a wet wetsuit in sight.

Time slowed right down as we paddled down a long lake taking in the stunning views with plenty of encouragement from Adrian. If you are interested to give paddle boarding in East Lothian a try you won’t find better.

Emma | Edinbrgh

Just spent the morning learning to paddle board off Seacliff Beach in East Lothian. I couldn’t recommend the experience more. The chance to try something new, in beautiful surroundings with expert tuition.

Getting up close to wildlife, finding out more about the area from Stevie and learning to cope with different conditions both sea and sky (the haar set in for a wee while). It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Kathryn | Glasgow

Five stars. Had a brilliant paddle board session with coach Stevie. The advice helped so much, in particular, the video analysis I would recommend, it made a huge difference to my technique.

I’d highly recommend Ocean Vertical if you want to go paddle boarding in East Lothian. The coach made me feel so positive and able to try harder skills than I thought I could. So patient with me.

Love the knowledge and skills I gained and will be back for sure.
Thanks so much.

Ruth | Edinbrgh

Wonderful morning paddle boarding by Dunbar with the Ocean Vertical guys. Felt totally safe and their skill set is second to none. Will definitely be going on another of their outings. Highly recommend!

Cara | Edinburgh

Great morning paddle boarding with Ocean Vertical. Felt safe, was really informative and learned loads. Would recommend for anyone wanting to get into paddle boarding in East Lothian.

Debbie | Glasgow

I signed up for SUP with Ocean Vertical. Steve and Adrian took us to the most stunning of Locations at Seacliff beach in East Lothian. With the Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle as the backdrop, dolphins jumping in the distance, a cheeky appearance from a seal and graceful low flying swans.

It’s so peaceful – I had never SUP before but with the excellent coaching and guidance was soon up on my feet enjoying that lovely scenery- wetsuits, boards all provided

I came away feeling both privileged and humbled by this amazing experience… I will definitely be back!

Ronnie | East Lothian

Just did the paddle boarding in East Lothian today, couldn’t enjoy it more! Had an early start to make the most of the morning, a bit windy to go to the sea but the guys took us to a loch which was great, all protected by the wood.

Had a good lesson with a good technique approach and lots and lots of fun. Really enjoy it, both of our coaches were brilliant. Thank you guys, looking forward to the next outing!

Tere | London

Had a super day out in the hills (fairly big hills) with OV. Both Stevie & Adrian are experts what they do, complimenting any anxiety with understanding and calmness. Nothing was any trouble for these two.

Myself and those I climbed with were put at ease from the walk in to the walk out. We were given time to eat, rest and to absorb the splendour and majesty of those hills!

I learned so much in one day from map reading, to weather reading, even that apple cores & bananas do not decompose as fast as we think… take them home!

More importantly and as someone who has an irrational fear of heights I was reminded ‘your feet never leave the ground’ Even if the trajectory is steep, your feet are still planted. Thank you, I look forward to my next Scottish winter mountaineering adventure with you OV.


Lisa | East Lothian

Thanks for a fantastic day climbing in Northumberland the other week! Stevie B knows his stuff and definitely upped my climbing game.

Adrian shared a good number of stories about their experiences winter mountaineering in Scotland which I will 100% take them up on this year! Looking forward to climbing in East Lothian with you guys soon!

Stephen | Edinburgh

Lucky enough this year to go out with Ocean Vertical winter mountaineering in Glen Coe, paddle boarding in East Lothian and just recently rock climbing outdoors in Northumberland. Each experience has been an awesome day! Learning valuable skills like navigation in the winter to learning how to safely climb on rock from Stevie and Adrian who are both great at what they do. Loads of experience and knowledge in the outdoors. Looking forward to hopefully more adventure in Scotland soon.

Darrel | East Lothian

Fantastic fun coasteering in East Lothian, really well organised before the event.
Felt very safe coasteering with Stevie & Adrian. Great experience worth doing, tailored to individuals. Amazing location by Dunbar. Go do it Enjoy – 5 stars!


We had an amazing experience with the Ocean Vertical team coasteering in Dunbar, East Lothian. Adrian and Stevie are very professional and know their stuff well making the whole experience awesome. We got the chance to explore the coastline that we wouldn’t ordinarily see; we climbed, jumped, and slid off rocks into the open sea giving us a real adrenaline rush. We even saw seals! The guys made us feel really safe and took us through the different types of jumps so we felt more confident with each one. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes an adventure in Scotland!


We went coasteering in Dunbar with a group of friends and had an amazing time! Swimming, climbing and jumping off cliffs in impressive and wild scenery.
We were with a small group and were impressed by the quality of the equipment and excellent guides. I would definitely recommend this activity to everyone who’s looking for a memorable outdoor activity in East Lothian, Scotland!

Guido | The Netherlands

Thoroughly enjoyed another trip mountaineering to stunning Glen Coe with the highly experienced team at Ocean Vertical. With transparent and on-going risk assessment, Stevie and Adrian strive to provide their adventurers with the best experience in the conditions available – adapting where necessary with their extensive knowledge of the area. Whether it’s been paddle boarding, climbing or mountaineering in Scotland, I have always had a safe and truly rewarding experience. Can’t wait to get out with them again!

Ruth | East Lothian

What a adventure climbing with Ocean Vertical in Glen Coe!. Not being an experienced climber the guides led us to the top of a very snowy mountain with knowledge experience and skill. Mesmerised by the views I am already looking to book my next trip. There is a whole other world in those mountains – epic day. They also provided transport, ice axes, crampons and boots!

Sarah | North Berwick

I was working in Edinburgh and planned to do some walking with a group of friends. A colleague recommended Ocean Vertical. I called but they were booked out, had a call-back and they coordinated a mountain trip for us!
A day later, I was standing 3,500 feet up on Stob Coire nan Lochan in snow and ice looking out over the most incredible scenery in Glen Coe, a brilliant trip that I couldn’t have accessed without Stevie and Adrian who were fabulous guides. Totally recommend!

Angus | London

Best Hogmanay Ever!!!!

Ended 2019 by climbing up Stob Ghabhar in the Black Mount region close to Glen Coe with @ocean_vertical and @etjo17 and I loved it from start to finish. The weather was clear and crisp, making for phenomenal views for miles around. Our guide @the_stevie_boyle was brilliant – full of knowledge, encouraging, and general all round top bloke! They got us there and back from East Lothian and provided us with all the kit. If you haven’t already been on an @ocean_vertical experience then I highly recommend you do…you won’t regret it!

Suzanne | Edinburgh

I spent a brilliant afternoon Coasteering with Ocean Vertical; climbing, swimming, scrambling and jumping off rocks into the sea by Dunbar in East lothian. I was able to disconnect from the busyness of normal life and enjoy a magical couple of hours exploring a totally new environment, scrambling over inaccessible tidal islands, connecting with local marine wildlife and having serious fun. Adrian and Stevie nudge you safely out of your comfort zone, jumping 25 feet into the water or going through underwater passes is not normal for me!  After playing rugby professionally nothing provides a buzz quite the same but this came very close.

Jason White - Former Scottish Rugby Captain and British Lion | North Berwick

Custom Adventure Trip Overview

Custom Adventure Trip Overview


All year round

Custom Adventure Trip Overview


3 hours - 3 weeks

Custom Adventure Trip Overview


From easy to strenuous

Custom Adventure Trip Overview



Custom Adventure Trip Overview

Meeting Point


Custom Adventure Trip Overview

Minimum Age

Varies to suit you

Custom Adventure Trip Overview

Group Size

From just you to everyone who is important to you

Custom Adventure Trip Overview


If the weather is unsafe your Guide will choose an alternative location

What’s included (and not)

Included [This always varies on Custom Adventures]

  • Experienced & qualified guide and instructor
  • Ground transportation
  • Technical equipment, including paddle boards, surf boards, coasteering equipment, climbing and mountaineering equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Camping meals and outdoor cooking equipment
  • Hire of the Ocean Vertical base in East Lothian
  • Fantastic local food and drinks

Not Included [This always varies with Custom Adventures]

  • We will discuss this with you prior to your adventure

What to bring with you

This will depend on your adventure. We will discuss this in detail with you as we plan your Custom Adventure

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