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Corporate Adventures

Extraordinary experiences to bring your team together

Extraordinary experiences to bring your team together

Corporate adventure, team building and away days, just 40 minutes from Edinburgh.

We are a passionate and unique team of Adventurers: From the rugged coastline of East Lothian, to the Highlands of Scotland and the highest point on Earth, the summit of Mount Everest.

Our team have the skills, experience and professionalism to create extraordinary experiences to bring your Team together.

Our corporate clients include Baillie Gifford, Ventient Energy, Patagonia, 10 Design, 7N Architects, EnteroBiotix, and many more

As an ethical adventure company, and on behalf of our clients, we are committed to protecting the wild and natural environment we work in.

Recent Customer Reviews

“We had an incredible summer away day for 45 of our employees at Ocean Vertical. It was a brilliant venue to hold our annual company update, followed by superb adventure activities, food and drinks. We loved it so much that we are returning for another year!”

Dr James Mcilroy – CEO EnteroBiotix | Glasgow

Our team have never been on this kind of away day before and we’re a bit apprehensive before hand but were blown away by the experience. It’s the best thing we’ve done for team morale in 13 years of running the business – a boost like this was so needed after the last few years. The venue for the evening was perfect – beautiful courtyard with blazing fires, wine from Wine Wednesdays, toasted Marshmallows and the most delicious food from Barbarella Beets. A really special experience and one we’ll all remember for a long time to come – thanks so much Adrian & team OV!

Eleanor - Owner of Edinburgh Larder | Edinburgh

I spent a brilliant afternoon Coasteering with Ocean Vertical; climbing, swimming, scrambling and jumping off rocks into the sea by Dunbar in East lothian. I was able to disconnect from the busyness of normal life and enjoy a magical couple of hours exploring a totally new environment, scrambling over inaccessible tidal islands, connecting with local marine wildlife and having serious fun. Adrian and Stevie nudge you safely out of your comfort zone, jumping 25 feet into the water or going through underwater passes is not normal for me!  After playing rugby professionally nothing provides a buzz quite the same but this came very close.

Jason White - Former Scottish Rugby Captain and British Lion | North Berwick

Our team of 20 had a fantastic corporate activity day at Ocean Vertical! The selection of activities offered to the team suited both the thrill seekers and those in need of some R&R. Staff were amazing, the location was stunning in East Lothian, and the food, BBQ and drinks in the evening were just fantastic. A good time was had by all – Thank you Ocean Vertical!

Kelly - Office Manager 10 Design | Edinburgh

I booked a group paddle board / SUP experience for my mums 60th in East Lothian. Stevie, Adrian and the team at Ocean Vertical went above and beyond to accommodate our group and made it such a memorable experience! Most of us had little to no experience and, due to the sea conditions being choppy, they customised our trip for a day that suited us and offered to take us to a beautiful secluded lake instead – we had such a blast and our instructors Molly and Kirsty were brilliant. Can’t recommend enough!

Mrs C Harper | Aberdeen

Had a fantastic day out learning basic mountaineering under the tutorage of Stevie and Adrian. Lots of knowledge shared on key skills for the mountain, as well as having a go with crampons and ice axe for the first time.

Felt safe at all times and throughout the day the guys did a fantastic job make sure the pace was suitable for the whole group.

Brilliant value for money, will definitely do again very soon and can’t recommend enough!

Pete | Haddington

I went out paddle boarding at the stunning Seacliff beach in East Lothian with Ocean Vertical last week, superb evening on the water, great tuition, the weather cleared up and we were joined by a grey seal and puffins!

Adrian and Stevie are both full of enthusiasm and you all need to give it a try 10/10.

Ross | Hong Kong

A new twist on a corporate day out – Coasteering: scrambling, swimming and jumping into the sea in East Lothian! Along with paddle boarding and mindfulness sessions. Was a brilliant shared experience, would definitely recommend. Staying on for a BBQ and beers in the courtyard was a fantastic way to reflect on and embellish stories from earlier in the day! 5 stars.

Euan - Associate 10 Design | Edinburgh

Amazing corporate day out doing coasteering, with colleagues also participating in paddle boarding and mindfulness in East Lothian. This was topped off with an amazing dinner and drinks in the evening in a beautiful venue – I will be going back.Thanks to everyone at Ocean Vertical

Shaun | Edinburgh - 10 Design

What a adventure climbing with Ocean Vertical in Glen Coe!. Not being an experienced climber the guides led us to the top of a very snowy mountain with knowledge experience and skill. Mesmerised by the views I am already looking to book my next trip. There is a whole other world in those mountains – epic day. They also provided transport, ice axes, crampons and boots!

Sarah | North Berwick

Tucked away in the stunning East Lothian countryside, Ocean Vertical offer a unique venue for your Corporate away days.

We are located just 40 minutes from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh at Hedderwick Hill Stables by Dunbar. Here we offer a private and secluded base to host your off-site meetings, events and Corporate adventure days.

As well as venue hire, we offer Corporate and Team adventures including paddle boarding, coasteering, surfing, axe throwing and archery,  and mindfulness sessions in East Lothian, as well as summer and winter mountaineering trips to the Highlands of Scotland.

We provide highly experienced and professional guides, top of the range equipment and transport to our adventures.

Recent Ocean Based Corporate Adventures

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Tailor made adventures to suit your purpose.

Our outdoor professionals are more than happy to assist in creating and planning personal and customized adventures for individuals, groups and teams.

We have a wide range of experience working with clients on land, in the ocean, and in the mountains; from accessible adventure, to more advanced adventure for smaller groups.

We believe in the "Therapy of Nature", that being outside, in the elements, embracing new experiences is inherently good for you.

Our relationship with nature, how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings, is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing stress and anxiety.

Things tend to work better when they get unplugged – that includes you and your Team!

Hire our Base

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Our Base

Hedderwick Hill stables is a magnificent Victorian stables building situated in beautiful woodland, 10 minutes walk from the sea, and just 40 minutes from Edinburgh.

Our rejuvenated base is unique and spectacular, offering multiple opportunities for your corporate meetings and events, large and small. Facilities include;

  • A spectacular 100m2 reception space with log burning stove.
  • Separate meeting rooms and break out space.
  • A secluded landscaped courtyard perfect for entertaining and BBQs.
  • Changing facilities and toilets.
  • Excellent broadband.
  • Incredible local food, drinks, wine tastings and BBQs
  • Direct access to woodland walks and the beautiful Tyne Estuary.
  • Lots of parking and easy access from the A1.

Recent Corporate Events At Our Base

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Keeping it Sustainable and Local.

We lead multiple adventures within a few miles of our base, and work with local suppliers and producers to offer our clients the most spectacular food, BBQs, drinks and wine tastings at the end of the day at Hedderwick Hill Stables.

Extraordinary experiences to bring your Team together.


Recent Mountain Based Corporate Adventures

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Our Base - Perfect for off site meetings and Corporate away days

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The Transformative Power of Nature and Outdoor Adventure for Corporate Teams and Employees

In the dynamic world of business, where innovation and collaboration are paramount, the natural world and outdoor adventure activities offer a wealth of benefits that extend beyond the boardroom. Incorporating nature and outdoor adventures into corporate team-building initiatives can be a catalyst for enhanced creativity, improved team dynamics, and rejuvenated employee well-being.

1. Strengthening Team Bonds:

Outdoor adventures bring colleagues together in unfamiliar environments, fostering camaraderie and trust. The shared challenges and triumphs of activities such as hiking, coasteering, or team-building exercises create strong bonds that translate to improved collaboration back at the workplace

2. Enhancing Communication:

In nature, communication is essential for safety and success. Adventure activities demand clear and effective communication, honing these skills among team members. The open environment encourages open dialogue, active listening, and a deeper understanding of each other's strengths.

3. Embracing Change and Adaptability:

Outdoor environments are unpredictable, requiring adaptability and problem-solving skills. These challenges mirror the fluid nature of business, encouraging teams to embrace change with resilience and creativity.

4. Stress Reduction and Well-Being:

Time spent outdoors has a remarkable impact on mental well-being. Nature's tranquility provides a break from the stressors of the corporate world, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of peace and rejuvenation among employees

5. Boosting Creativity:

Nature's vastness and beauty inspire fresh perspectives and ignite creativity. Engaging in outdoor activities can trigger innovative thinking and enable employees to approach challenges with renewed vigor and imaginative solutions.

6. Physical Health and Energy:

Outdoor adventures encourage physical activity, contributing to improved physical health and increased energy levels. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle can have positive ripple effects on productivity and overall job satisfaction.

7. Building Leadership Skills:

Outdoor adventures often present opportunities for individuals to step into leadership roles. Navigating challenges, making decisions, and leading a team in nature's dynamic setting can help identify and develop emerging leaders within the organisation

8. Promoting Mindfulness:

Nature invites individuals to be present in the moment, fostering mindfulness and clarity. This practice can enhance focus and concentration, leading to improved task execution and decision-making.

9. Fostering Resilience:

Overcoming outdoor challenges builds resilience, a quality essential for navigating the complexities of the corporate world. These experiences empower employees to bounce back from setbacks and approach obstacles with determination.

10. Rekindling Passion and Motivation:

Outdoor adventures reignite a sense of adventure and passion among employees. The thrill of conquering new terrain can reignite a spark of motivation that carries over into their professional roles.

Incorporating nature and outdoor adventure activities into corporate team-building not only creates memorable experiences but also cultivates skills and attributes that can significantly impact workplace dynamics. These experiences encourage collaboration, stimulate innovation, and foster a sense of unity that can elevate the success of the entire organisation.

Our Base

Hedderwick Hill Stables, By Belhaven, Dunbar, EH42 1XF [Signposted Hedderwick Hill Farm off the A1087]

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority ASI Accredited School - Stand Up Paddle ASI Academy of Surfing Instructors NCC Promoting Safe Coasteering