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About Coasteering in Scotland

All you need to know about Coasteering

Coasteering is the ultimate water based adventure that mixes swimming, climbing, scrambling and low level cliff jumping into one incredible journey into the tidal impact zone.

Its a unique experience exploring a low tide world of exposed islands, tidal pools, rocky inlets, sluices and pour-overs, mini whirl pools and kelp beds. And all to the rise, fall and swell of the ocean. And then there’s the wildlife; seals, dolphins, urchins, gannets, puffins and more.

Everyone should go coasteering at least once!

Our Approach

Our approach to coasteering is based on a passion for real adventure in the natural world, and at the same time a deep respect for the environment and the wildlife and eco systems that call the natural world home.

A passion for real adventure

We lead all of our adventures in the wild and natural environment, from the snow covered mountains of Glen Coe to the rugged coastline of East Lothian; and coasteering is no exception. It takes place in an exposed marine environment in the tidal impact zone at low tide. This is no theme park, and no coasteering session is ever the same with the ever changing rise and fall of the ocean swell.

This is authentic adventure, a chance to really experience the ocean elements. Its a chance to enter that rare space in todays society where the element of risk brings an intense clarity and sense of pure joy: what’s important shines, everything else fades.

Respect for the natural environment

Our professional team are highly trained and we are members of the National Coasteering Charter which advises and promotes safe coasteering. As well as safety, having respect and understanding for the natural environment is fundamental to us.

If we are going to venture into this world on a commercial basis, it also makes sense to protect the integrity of this natural marine environment. Anything else would be short sighted and deeply selfish.

We keep our coasteering sessions small, with a maximum group size of six. It just makes sense to us not to have large groups of a dozen and over clambering through what is in fact a sensitive eco system.

How we can help

If you want to get into coasteering safely, whatever your level of skill, then we can help you.

We have a high instructor to client ratio and we keep our groups small. This creates a more intimate and engaging coasteering experience. We also supply everything you will need including transport to and from the coasteering venue from our base.

Just bring yourself, an open mind, and an appetite for and adventure!

You can read all about our coasteering sessions here: Coasteering with Ocean Vertical

Coasteering FAQs

What is Coasteering?

Coasteering is a journey into the tidal impact zone – that’s the area exposed only at low tide. It involves scrambling over rocks, swimming, jumping, climbing and low-level cliff jumping.

It’s an incredible opportunity to explore a world few people see when an entire sub aqua landscape becomes exposed for a few hours at low tide. Submerges islands appear, gullies, cliffs, kelp forests and sink holes are all exposed.

Low tide exposes a hidden world of rocky inlets, new islands, tidal pools, kelp beds and beautiful marine life. It’s all there to be explored and experienced, using specialist equipment and…

Is Coasteering safe?

Coasteering with a professional company with qualified guides is safe. This needs to be balanced against the element of “adventure” and operating in a totally natural marine environment – not a controlled theme park.

There are always elements of risk. A professional coasteering company will manage this risk and operate within the National Coasteering Charter guidelines.

A professional coasteering company will start a session with a thorough safety briefing. This will then be followed by coaching and practicing how to enter and exit the water safely – all from low level. As the session progresses, so will…

Where can I go Coasteering in Scotland?

Did you know Scotland has over 6000km of coastline! It might come as a surprise then that there are only 14 coasteering companies listed on the National Coasteering Charter [NCC] website in Scotland.

This may well be because much of Scotland’s coastline is wild, remote, and hard to access. You can check out the coasteering companies here: Coasteering West Coast and Coasteering East Coast.

There will be other potential coasteering companies who are not members of the NCC, but in terms of setting a benchmark in safety and responsibility we would…

Can I go Coasteering near Edinburgh?

You most certainly can! East Lothian is just 40 minutes from Edinburgh, and less by train, and has incredible coasteering venues. You can see the coasteering companies on the east coast who are members of the National Coasteering Charter here: East coast Coasteering companies.

East Lothian really is a beautiful county, and is blessed with miles of beaches, sandy bays, rocky headlands, and cliffs. The coast is home to seals, dolphins, and birdlife such as gannets, razorbills, guillemots, terns, and puffins. If you can take in the Scottish Seabird Centre in

How high are Coasteering jumps?

That depends on where you are coasteering, the company you are coasteering with, your skill level and the tide conditions. The higher the jump the more important it is to enter the water with the right technique. You could say as the height increases so does the risk.

Top end jumps tend to be around 8 to 10 meters, that’s over 30 feet in old money. And don’t forget, its your eyes and brain perceiving the height, not your feet, so you can add on hour body height too!

At Ocean Vertical our maximum jump height is…

How many people are in a Coasteering session?

This is a good question, and it depends very much on who the coasteering operator is.

The National Coasteering Charter [NCC] recommends a maximum ratio of one coasteering guide to ten clients. Its not uncommon for group sizes to be around sixteen with two guides.

While we respect the views of the NCC, we do feel that a one to ten guide to client ratio is too low, and groups of sixteen are too big! From our experience at Ocean Vertical it would be difficult for one coasteering guide to safely manage and lead ten clients…

What should I take Coasteering?

  • A taste for real adventure in a natural marine environment

  • A healthy respect for the marine environment and its wildlife

  • Swimming costume for under your wetsuit [provided by you]

  • Warm robust limestone based wetsuit [provided by us]

  • Robust aqua boots with a firm and grippy sole [provided by us]

  • Robust buoyancy aid - fitted properly [provided by us]

  • Robust coasteering gloves [provided by us]

  • Helmet designed for coasteering / sub aqua use [provided by us]

  • Bright blue rash vest for over the buoyancy aid [provided by us]

  • Transport to the coasteering venue from our base [provided by us]

  • Professional guide [provided by us]

Read more about Coasteering

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My crazy day Coasteering!

You, like myself and most people I have mentioned this to, are probably wondering… what on earth is coasteering? And on paper, why on earth would anybody do that?!

Picture this: it’s Sunday afternoon, the fog is hanging, you can’t see the horizon and you’ve almost certainly not had enough sleep.


What Is Coasteering?

What is Coasteering?

What exactly is coasteering? It’s a question we are asked on a regular basis. And this is understandable, as a “sport” it’s pretty new and unless you grew up or spent time around the coastline, it’s an alien thing. Its also a unique and extraordinary experience!


Ocean Vertical: The Coasteering…

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Coasteering Gallery

What people say about Coasteering with us

Beth – Coasteering birthday adventure

That was unbelievable! We didn’t really know what coasteering was. I booked in with a bunch of girlfriends for one of their birthdays and it was just epic. Never thought I would do something like that! The guys at Ocean Vertical kept us safe as we climber rocks, swam and did some pretty big jumps. We even saw seals! We will be doing this again for sure :]

Bev – Coasteering Body Rush!

Exhilarating, Stunning, Nerve-wracking, Challenging, Body rush…
What an adventure…

Spent Sunday afternoon coasteering in East Lothian with the fantastic team from Ocean Vertical round the craggy cliffs at Dunbar.

Stevie, Gav and Adrian were so knowledgeable about the area and they and made you feel very safe whilst encouraging you to push yourself. We jumped off rocks and dived through the swell increasing the difficulty as we went.

If you haven’t done it before, go for it, you will love it.
Thanks, guys for an amazing day.

Brian – The coasteering journey!

Wowza, that was amazing! Never really understood what coasteering was until now. We were close to Dunbar in East Lothian. Get ready to go where you have never been before. Coasteering is exploring, climbing and jumping when the tide is way out. Ocean Vertical took us on a “journey” into the sea, literally [and often under]. We saw so much wildlife. We even saw a distant pod of dolphins! Awesome time, thanks Ocean Vertical

Chris – Coasteering – A Hidden Gem

What a hidden wee gem. A company a stone throw away from where I live and hadn’t heard of but deserves so much more recognition. A friend and myself went coasteering and had a great time from start to finish. The team were super friendly and professional and conducted the afternoon superbly. For anyone on the fence I would say get booking, it’s worth every penny and you will love it.

Eleanor – Coasteering – unbeleivable

Unbelievable afternoon with Jacob and Adrian Coasteering. Great instructor, wonderful experience with good quality kit. Felt supported and challenged and had the most amazing time. Thoroughly recommend and will be back!!!!

Emma + Josh – Stunning Coasteering

Our Coasteering experience was very professionally run, friendly, challenging and safe. The location by Dunbar in East Lothian was stunning. The experiences we had were beyond anything we thought we could do. It was wonderful to feel so connected with others and ourselves in similar situations, giving team bonding experience and the chance for overcoming personal barriers. Huge thanks to all involved, thanks for the amazing photos and amazing team. 5 stars!

Fraya – Coasteering with friends

A fantastic and memorable experience! Three friends and I tried coasteering in North Berwick, East Lothian and absolutely loved it. The guides were great we felt really safe and surprisingly warm in the winter wetsuits.

Ginger – Awsome coasteering

Very enjoyable, we really enjoyed seeing the coastline from another perspective Coasteering in East Lothian, as well as meeting some of the local sea faring residents (sea urchins, starfish and seals). The session was great fun mixed with a good kick of adrenaline; Stevie is a skilled and experienced guide and we felt safe and informed throughout our experience.Thanks Ocean Vertical!

Giulia – Family Coasteering Adventure

We had the most amazing day going coasteering with OceanVertical! Stevie and Mollie were great guides making sure everyone felt safe and had fun. It was so much fun to jump into the water and climb out and explore the coast. We also saw seals, which was awesome 🙂 would definitely recommend this activity for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and wants to explore a beautiful coast!

Guido – Coasteering in Amazing Scotland

We went coasteering in Dunbar with a group of friends and had an amazing time! Swimming, climbing and jumping off cliffs in impressive and wild scenery.
We were with a small group and were impressed by the quality of the equipment and excellent guides. I would definitely recommend this activity to everyone who’s looking for a memorable outdoor activity in East Lothian, Scotland!

About Ocean Vertical

OV - Supporting Adventures for Coasteering

Our purpose at Ocean Vertical is to share a passion for real adventure in the mountains and oceans of Scotland, and at the same time help protect our last remaining wild places.

A love for these beautiful wild places demands active participation in the fight to save them.

We are in the ocean 12 months of the year coasteering, paddle boarding [SUP], and surfing.

As well as the thrill of real adventure we aim to make all our sessions accessible and educational. For access we provide everything you will need including transport, and for education our guides and instructors are passionate and knowledgeable about the natural environments they work in.

We believe that through sharing our passion and knowledge we can inspire others to to help protect and enhance the natural world.

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority ASI Accredited School - Stand Up Paddle ASI Academy of Surfing Instructors NCC Promoting Safe Coasteering